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icon1Creating a network of skills

With possibilities of over 10ml skillful people, hooked.co.in is trying to bring together all to create a network of people who can share.

icon2Superb Quiz platform

hooked.co.in has the most amazing and advanced quizzing platform where you can test your skill level and compete with your friends.

icon3User Friendly Interface

With our more user friendly user interface one can easily learns and as well as share more of their skills with others in just a few clicks.

icon4We need interns too

As we are trying our best to bring more and more people on board to create a community of skillful people we need you to step in so that it's easy for us to get in touch.

icon5Secure & Scalable

After 3 years of continuous regression, WPLMS is the most robust, secure and scalable platform for Education sites.

icon6Reliable Customer support

Last but not the least we're dedicated and committed to hooked.co.in, we try our best to keep our community happy.

About Us

Learn is a community based skill sharing platform by hooked.co.in, where anyone can teach and anyone can learn, you get the notes, videos, share files, create friends and groups and much more. Goodbye Monotony.

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